Magic Sigil Candle - Love -
Magic Sigil Candle - Love -

Magic Sigil Candle - Love -

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This gorgeous candle was created by witch shop friends, Species by the Thousands, over in Brooklyn, NY! Here's all the deets about the candle, written by our friends in Brooklyn: 


Lightly scented rose.

Candle Instructions :

Write a clear intention using the present tense as if you already have what you  want. Cross our all the vowels and repeating consonants. Arrange remaining letters as you wish to form a symbol that is visually appealing to you. Once you are happy with the design, draw in the box on the candle. 

Candle information
— 100% soybean wax
— 100% cotton wick
— A blend of high quality fragrance oils
— 60 hour approximate burn time
— 16 ounce net weight 
— Colored soy wax in 16 ounce glass