Lavender Milk Mask

Lavender Milk Mask

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Here's all the deets about Lavender Milk Mask! Written up by Mother Mountain Herbals goddess Stina Swesey:

Skin softening coconut milk comes together with soothing lavender flower powder for an exquisitely rich and moisturizing botanical face mask. A touch of hand foraged violet leaf and kaolin clay make this a wonderfully gentle tonic for skin that needs a bit of TLC. And it turns blue when you mix it with water or anything water based! This is a hydrating mask that is suitable for all skin types. Essential Oil Free. 2oz glass jar. 

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Lavender Flower Powder, Hand-foraged Violet Leaf Powder, Florida homegrown Butterfly Flower Powder. 

Mother Mountain Herbals, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, specializes in handcrafted, small-batch plant goods with a focus on traditional western herbs. Plants used are lovingly home-grown, procured from North American based herb farms and certified organic sources, or sustainably wild-crafted (weedy species only). Stina Swesey, founder of Mother Mountain Herbals, is an artist, forager, gardener, beekeeper, and bonafide plant person. Mother Mountain Herbals was created to not only provide people with products that nourish the body and spirit with pure plant magic, but to also pay homage to our great Mama Earth and inspire communion with one of our greatest gifts, the plant kin-dom.