Stinging Nettle Seed Packet

Stinging Nettle Seed Packet

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A Tarot-themed seed packet containing 15 seeds - all organic & non-GMO 🖤

From Sow The Magic:

The Six of Wands is a harbinger of victory and good news just as the emergence of the Stinging Nettle heralds the return of spring and a renewed cycle of growth. Stinging Nettle is a hardy plant that can be found across North America and has many uses as a powerful medicinal herb and kitchen companion where cooking will remove the stinging effect of the leaves.

Grows to be 24" - 36" tall. Perennial.

Directly sow these seeds outdoors in the late fall so seeds can freeze through the winter. These plants can be invasive, so it’s best to contain to a desired area and not let them go to seed. Always wear gloves when working with the plant.

All of our seeds are sustainably sourced by reputable seed stewards in the USA. We only offer seeds that are open pollinated and/or heirloom varieties.”